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Oregon Trail Bakery started business here in Salem Oregon decades ago as wholesale bakery baking cookies and a line of Swedish tea rings for the holidays…because a great staff keeps good bakery equipment well repaired, and, while we have much more modern equipment, Noe and his crew take pride in using our classic Portland-made rainer oven, our Swedish Dal-Green oven and our giant Hobart mixers to make delicious treats daily. 

The baking day starts at 6:30 am when Luis hops on the Hyster forklift unloads sugar from Boise, wheat from Spokane and nuts and berries from farms next door…our production manager Noe draws on generations old family recipes for many of his creations and he and his creative crew are always looking for new ideas… 


Our History

Oregon Trail Bakery might be our new name, but we are born out of a decades-long history in Salem. 

Starting out as Cornerstone Confectionary, and later becoming Wholesale Baking, our bakery has a history of offering exceptional baked goods of all kinds. We’ve made decadent chocolate truffles and exquisite seven-layer cakes. We’ve whipped up creamy cheesecakes, and baked cookies ranging from the size of a man’s head down to the size of a nickel. The quality of our products has always been top-notch, and we’ve always been inspired by the beauty and the history of the Pacific Northwest.

In 2018, looking for a fresh start, we looked back to our forefathers that made the arduous journey along the Oregon Trail. We were inspired by our history, and made some hard decisions. We challenged everything we made with fresh eyes, and realized we were in a rut. We made good stuff, but didn’t innovate. Our wagon was stuck in the mud, so to speak. We needed fresh ideas. Like a pioneer whose favorite rifle stopped shooting, we discarded the items that weren’t working and looked for newer, fresher items to carry forward.

That’s where we’ve ended up – keeping our traditional favorites, and adding a fresh line of new products to go along with our new name. Inspired by the beauty of nature and the Pacific Northwest, Oregon Trail Bakery is committed to offering the best we possibly can. Our classic cookies are as great as they’ve always been. But now we make new bars featuring a variety of fruits, along with old favorites like brownies and coconut macaroons. And of course, we’re in the business of childhood favorites with delicious cupcakes and old fashioned rice cereal treats.

Inspired by nature, and committed to working hard, Oregon Trail Bakery is here to stay.



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